30 August 2013

A Taste of God Realization 
In the early morning of Monday, 26 August, I began to meditate, while sitting on the floor with my eyes closed, and I had an incredibly powerful experience.

Early on, I noticed that I could see with my inner eyes farther than usual. There was a tinge of redness in the background, if you will, which resembled tiny jewels.

At some point, the veins on either side of my head, the right side in particular, began to twitch, which often happens after exercise. Then my temples as well as my third-eye point began to throb. Through my third eye I was connected to higher worlds by a faint, white-colored thread, which I could at times see and feel. My third eye began to pound as if it was being pounded on or struck, which, several times, caused me to bury my head in my hands.

When I sat up, I, that is, Robert, was gone. All was present. Infinite All observed Infinite All. There was a sensation of expansion inside of the skull, between the ears, without direct awareness of the skull, which resulted in the experience of limitlessness. And there was also the sensation, difficult to describe, of invisible blankets or layers being simultaneously taken off and put on. The predominant feeling was one of ecstasy, and at its edges were love and gratitude.

Then there was fear that I / Robert could not live in the world in this state and then there was the sound of a police siren from the street below and then the thought of our neighbor storing tomato sauce in the freezer and then I / Robert was back and the All was gone, eclipsed, at least for the time being.

The experience lasted approximately ten minutes. Based on what I have read, I believe that I experienced samadhi. I have read and re-read descriptions of savikalpa samadhi, nirvikalpa samadhi, and sahaja samadhi, and the description of nirvikalpa samadhi reflects my experience.

Again, this was an incredible powerful experience, which both confirmed and taught. What was confirmed? The journey continues. Living in the world, being of service, and returning home, to the Ocean of Light, are inseparable. What was taught? There is a series or string of God Realizations destined to occur. To facilitate these Realizations, I must surrender my lower selves to the Purest Light (who comes to me as Master and Mistress but more often as Master); I must surrender their desires, hurts, and mistakes, which still bind me to the finite, thereby obscuring the Infinite, so these selves can experience God Realization.

My Prayer of Surrender, which I pray constantly:

I surrender to You, Master.
I give myself  to You, Master.
I am Yours, Master, save me.
I unconditionally surrender my will to Your will, Master.
I surrender my lower selves to You, Master.
I surrender the hurt and pain of my lower selves to You, Master.
I surrender my darkness to You, Master.
I surrender Robert to You, Master.
I surrender all there is to You, Master.
One Self, One Self, One Self, One Infinite Self.